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The Ethereum protocol itself exists solely for the purpose of keeping the continuous, uninterrupted, and immutable operation of this special state machine; Bitcoin pc the environment in which all Ethereum accounts and smart contracts live. At any given block in the chain, Ethereum has one and only one 'canonical' state, and the EVM is what defines the rules for computing a new valid state from bitcoin pc to block.

Keletas bitcoin pc techninių terminų: Open-source software atvirojo kodo programa Tai programa, kurios išeitinis programinis kodas yra viešas ir prieinamas kiekvienam. Tokiu būdu, kiekvienas žmogus pasaulyje suprantantis programavimą gali absoliučiai tiksliai žinoti kaip veikia programa, ir pats įsitikinti, ką būtent programa daro, ir ko nedaro todėl visiškai nesvarbu, kas yra atvirojo kodo programos kūrėjai. Daugiau informacijos Peer-to-peer P2P tinklas P2P yra tinklo modelis, kuriame keitimasis resursais vyksta tiesiogiai tarp vartotojų. Tai yra priešingybė kliento-serverio modeliui. Gryname P2P tinkle nėra kliento ir serverio savokų — susijungę vartotojai yra lygiaverčiai, t.

Prerequisites Some basic familiarity with common terminology in computer science such as bytesmemoryand a stack are necessary to understand the EVM. From Ledger to State Machine The analogy of a 'distributed ledger' is often bitcoin pc to describe blockchains like Bitcoin, which enable a decentralized currency using fundamental tools of cryptography.

A cryptocurrency behaves like a 'normal' currency because of the rules which govern what one can and cannot do to modify the ledger.

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For example, a Bitcoin address cannot spend more Bitcoin than it has previously received. These rules underpin all transactions on Bitcoin and many other blockchains.

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While Ethereum has its own native cryptocurrency Ether that follows almost exactly the same intuitive rules, it also enables a much more powerful function: smart contracts. For this more complex feature, a more sophisticated analogy is required. Instead of a distributed ledger, Ethereum is a distributed state machine.

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Ethereum's state is a large data structure which holds not only all accounts and balances, bitcoin pc a machine state, which can change from block to block according to a pre-defined set of rules, and which can execute arbitrary machine code. The specific rules of changing state from block to block are defined by the EVM. Transactions Bitcoin pc are cryptographically signed instructions from accounts. There are two types of transactions: those which result in message calls and those which result in contract creation.

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Contract creation results in the creation of a new contract account containing cryptocurrency rinkos indeksas smart contract bitcoin pc. Whenever another account makes a message call to that contract, it executes its bitcoin pc.

Each item is a bit word, which was chosen for the ease of use with bit cryptography such as Keccak hashes or secpk1 signatures. Bitcoin pc execution, the EVM maintains a transient memory as a word-addressed byte arraywhich does not persist between transactions.

Contracts, however, do contain a Merkle Patricia storage trie as a word-addressable word arrayassociated with the account in question and part of the global state.

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Over Ethereum's 5 year history, the EVM has undergone several revisions, and there are several implementations of the EVM in various programming languages.

All Ethereum clients include an EVM implementation. Additionally there are multiple standalone implementations, including:.

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